Happy Spring!

Julie would like to thank everyone for their positive energy and good wishes during her recent surgery and successful recovery (ongoing).
Haircuts Just Around the Corner, at the corner of Main and Summer Streets in downtown Springfield, Vermont, (everyone's favorite friendly place for a regular haircut), is now open and ready for business!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Grabber - don't be afraid kids, it's useful and fun!

Next to the otherwise very serious wheelchair or the sober twin tools commonly referred to as "crutches", for the uninitiated, there is nothing that says "exotic interaction with immediate environment" quite the way a "grabber" does.
A grabber is instantly gratifying in it's ability to allow the user simple mechanical action at a distance, obviating any need to bend over in carrying out of any number of simple effects at the reasonably close distances usually involved in most mundane or predictable tasks, all this with a deliberate hilarity of movement that is redolent of the silent screen comedy of great actors like Buster Keaton or Charlie Chaplin - in a nutshell, it is not only handy, but it is plenty of fun as well!
In fact, in June, Haircuts Just Around the Corner will be offering a limited special on Grabber Haircuts - sign up for your space now!

Hair for the Oil Slick.

Julie and Haircuts Just Around the Corner are participating with the nationwide drive for hair as a tool in dealing with the oil tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico, please make sure your barber or hairdresser is participating in this effort. Every little bit helps, however awful the problem really is.

Back again, as ever, Julie re-opens Haircuts Just Around the Corner - walk in or call for a home visit!

A happy time for the discerning customer list and for Greater Metropolitan Springfield, Vermont (GMSV), Haircuts Just Around the Corner is open again, Julie having had a remarkable recovery from that upgrade, as all are glad to know.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

About the Locks of Love program

Locks of Love is a program that helps kids deal with the ravages of the medical treatments they receive for rough diseases like cancer. Generous donors part with their long tresses, which are then woven by expert professionals into kidlet sized hairpieces that are then matched up as gifts with children who have lost their own locks. If you have ten or more inches of healthy hair of any color, curly or straight, and if you have ever wondered how you would look with a nice pixie or bob a la parisienne - consider to arrange the donation of your own Locks of Love. Visit www.locksoflove.org, or call your participating hair stylist or barber, or better yet just drop in at Julie's hair care establishment right in the center of downtown Springfield, Vermont - "Haircuts Just Around the Corner" at the corner of Main and Summer Streets, or call for home service, 802.885.3300.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

It pays to look your best

This is an artifact from an earlier age, found in the debris left behind after the removal of the remains of an intact mid-twentieth century barber shop on Capitol Hill (it is interesting to note that this was one of two that were within fifty feet or less of each other, not unusual in segregated communities - the second of the two barber shops still persisted as a complete period piece at the time of this episode).

The location had been closed for many years, it stayed closed and unused forever, and it would seem that only when real estate values finally caught up with the venue did anyone show up to break the seal.

No effort had been spared in clearing the place out, the front was littered as if the place had been blown out from within, and whatever mayhem was begun by the demolition crew was finished by passers-by who left everything looking minced, shredded and evenly spread out along most of one side of a block of Massachussetts Avenue.

It was a site to see. When Office Betty walked by trying to coax along a nicely patina-ed five foot tall doctors cabinet in 16 guage steel with thick clear glass panels and locking doors, it became obvious that this eviction had been a gold mine.

This sign is all that remained in one piece, lost and unclaimed, but here to remind us again, that it pays to look well.

It still pays to look well, with a fresh haircut from Haircuts Just Around the Corner!